Its Official, I’m Joining The Yahoo! Finance Team!

Today, I have begun work as interactive editor at Yahoo! Finance.

I’m thrilled to get started and will be focusing much energy on bringing super high quality and expert voices to the site.  Over the coming weeks, I will relay more specific details so stay tuned!

Leaving StockTwits was a very difficult decision as I’ve committed myself to growing the community with every bit of energy and as I have grown to love it.

Many thanks to Howard who is a great friend and an amazing mentor.

I also want to give a special thanks to Justin, Josh, Tadas & James who have each contributed to my professional growth in incredibly constructive ways.


Weekends With All Star Charts 091413

Here we go…

Charts for days with JC. We cover the broad index, bonds, coffee & a new feature taking requests including $CRUS, $NFLX & $DG. Check it:



CME Group TV: On Gold & Syria with Grafite Cap’s Mihir Dange

I had the opp to chat metals with Grafite Capital’s Mihir Dange at the CME this afternoon. He trades the precious metals and he’s all over the gold and silver markets. We got into about gold, Syria, volatility, the gold to silver ratio and more. Check it:



Sunk Costs: Microsoft Throws Good Money After Bad

In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman writes,

The decision to invest additional resources in a losing account, when better investments are available, is known as the sunk-cost fallacy, a costly mistake that is observed in decisions large and small.

Microsoft has already committed to mobile in a big way economically, strategically and psychologically.

Those costs are sunk.

Now, instead of admitting failure, realizing mobile has been a huge loss and redirecting resources elsewhere or towards a newly devised and better mobile strategy, $MSFT will throw 7 billion at $NOK, a former leader that has failed miserably in its own right.

Microsoft doubles down to perpetuate a myth that it is still in the mobile hunt instead of experiencing loss realization.

Sure looks like sunk cost fallacy.

ht: prism decision systems



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