Thoughts on the Olympics So Far

For those railing, if you want to see the games live so badly, go to England and buy a ticket. :)

The only thing more boring than 20 medals would be 21.

If potato latkes and phelps were a couple, THAT would be interesting.

Thank god, the women’s gymnastics is over.

I am still disappointed NBA players take part in the games.

The Jamaican sprinters are by far the best thing about the Olympics. Nothing else is even close.

Jamaica, a poor country of 3 million, has the fastest humans in the universe.

Teddy Atlas is the second best thing about the games.

Sword fighting seems pointless and anticlimactic if there is zero chance blood spills.

As kids, we invented a ridiculous game inside the dog fence behind my house. Apparently, the Olympics have stolen this game and they call it handball.


Strange Action: Deviation from 10d Avg FULL DAY Volume… After 60 Minutes:

Just got this list from a pal in the fray:

1973%    $GOV US Equity
1063%    $PL US Equity
747%    $MTZ US Equity
672%    $EXG US Equity
578%    $N US Equity
518%    $BG US Equity
420%    $HOG US Equity
407%    $TRN US Equity
401%    $PIR US Equity
388%    $PPO US Equity
316%    $KRO US Equity
314%    $DDD US Equity
305%    $DOLE US Equity
298%    $JWN US Equity
262%    $HLF US Equity
248%    $MCP US Equity
248%    $NOK US Equity
247%    $FRX US Equity
238%    $FSL US Equity
237%    $LH US Equity

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