Just Be Awesome

My aunt Ookie called and told me she had a great strategy for businesses who wanted to get on Twitter.

I am kidding of course but it does seem like everyone is chiming in with what businesses should be or need to be doing to enhance their public relations or customer service or to gain followers or get their message out or whatever.

The truth is all organizations are distinct and so they have different needs and goals and must approach the medium differently. There are an infinite number of variables which will demand an infinite number of strategies. The size of the business, the product for sale, the customer base, the stage of the company, the revenue model, the brand image etc.

So I can not provide one golden post which defines what all businesses should or should not be doing. No one can because it will always be different.

What I can do though is identify a critical common factor. That is, one quality which cuts across all company specific variables, all goals and all strategies.

And that is to Just Be Awesome.

You want to be awesome by generously providing the best information in a way that is captivating and to do so consistently over time.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you have an area of expertise then share it and then keep on sharing it. If you can’t communicate effectively then find someone in the organization who can.

Twitter provides the potential to impart information with a global audience for every vertical no matter how narrow and as a result organically promotes meritocracy.

Just being awesome will bring you credibility and trust and everyone who is interested in your field from customers to potential customers to journalists to prospective employees will become aware of your awesomeness and seek you out over the long run.

You will build brand.

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